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 Eng. Yoram Madar has  40 years elevator experience

 Yoram Madar currently serves as an engineer for ROLLS ELEVATORS which he founded in 1975, his experience has been  concentrated on elevator in existing buildings ,  in 1983 he designed one of the first microprocessor elevator controllers,  Madar is the inventor of 3 patents in elevator field:

The R.E.C. Reduced Elevator Clearances , which allows elevator installation with reduced pit

The RFA a collapsible self retract self locking elevator Apron to be use where pit depth requires such solution

The FSSG , Fail Safe Safety Guard , the life saver a protection against the short-cut ofg safety circuit

Madar is currently engaged in development of other elevator safety patents and he invites other entrepreneurs to join him in developing innovative and safer elevators

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